Our Levels

There are 5 levels within Siri Education regardless of age or academic classes(grades). Soma Siri Afrika is a 4 year program but learners can complete it at their own pace taking more sessions during the school holidays.

About Soma Siri Afrika Levels

  • Exposure to all MI Environments
  • Proffesional gift and talent detection
  • Creation of Siri MaP
Duration 15 sessions
Hours 45 Hrs
  • More exposure to selected MI Environments as per the Siri MaP.
  • Proffesional gift and talent identification.
  • Creation of Utu Kit.
Duration 24 sessions
Hours 72 Hrs
  • Foundations of Afro - Innovations.
  • Professional talent nurturing.
  • Creation of Siri Solvers Plan.
Duration 24 sessions
Hours 72 Hrs
  • Indepth Afro-Innovation.
  • Professional talent skilling.
  • Creation of Siri Solvers Solution.
Duration 24 sessions
Hours 72 Hrs
  • Indepth Afro-Innovation.
  • Professional apprenticeship with top-tier afro innovators.
  • Launching of the Siri Solvers Solution.
Duration 30 sessions
Hours 90 Hrs
About our multimedia classes

Project Uwazi

Is your child ready to become a problem solver for Afrika?
Do thet have a keen interest in using their unique talents to solve real-world problems?
If so, we invite you to apply for a full scholarship to join Soma Siri Afrika's Project Uwazi.

program uwazi
program uwazi

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+254 706 3947 29


Dagoretti Rd, Thogoto-Ndeiya Rd,
Kikuyu, Kiambu,
Nairobi, Kenya.
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Soma Siri Innovation Hub (Ruiru Campus)
VX3V+W53, Matangi Road, Ruiru
Along Thika Super Highway
Kimbo-Matangi Road (Behind PCEA Matangi Church)
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